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Low light photography

Clicking photos when there is low light is a little difficult. But, the perfects moments do not wait for the perfect lighting situation and sometimes, the darker scenes make into amazing photographs. Some people believe the low light issues during photography occur only at night but that`s only just one instance. Even during the day, there are dark areas usually created by shadows of building and trees. After the sunset, many areas may still be visible but yet too dark to capture. The same problem occurs while indoor photography also. But whether it`s taking a photo during nighttime sightseeing, or in a basement, great photos can be taken, they just need a little more work. DSLRs do not need any introduction. They are great for capturing low light scenes with large sensors and the potential for adding a good low light lens. A photographer should always go with a device which best suits him. Given below are a few tips one can use while clicking low light photographs:

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